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Whether for a fireplace, fire pit, or wood-burning stove, the type of firewood you use has a great influence over how well your system performs and how enjoyable an experience you have.

How do you know when your firewood has been properly seasoned? A few clues: Dry wood is lighter in weight and has cracks on the ends Dry wood turns gray, yellow, or deep brown as it dries (while wet, or "green" wood, is white, cream, or light brown)


You will get the best results and more heat per wood volume when burning the highest density (heaviest) wood you can find. Dense firewood will produce the highest heat.

Choose hardwoods: For long, lingering fires. Choose hardwoods like oak, hickory, and blackjack.

When you're ready to make a fire, remember that your wood has been sitting outside for some time. Never reach into a hole blindly to grab a piece of wood, and keep an eye out for spiders, snakes, rats, and other creatures that may have taken up residence in your wood pile.


The simplest stack is where logs are placed next to and on top of each other, forming a line the width of the logs. The height of the stack can vary, generally depending upon how the ends are constructed. Without constructing ends, the length of the log and length of the pile help determine the height of a free-standing stack.

Make sure your wood is properly seasoned: "Seasoning" is simply the term for drying your wood. Before you light that first fire, make sure your wood is fully dry.

As long as the wood is dry and seasoned, there is nothing wrong with burning any species of wood.

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You don’t want stumps or large unsplit pieces. You want something uniform that you can pick up with one hand. Secondly, you want dry wood. Wood that will burn the day you get it.

There are three things to be aware of when buying wood. The first is quality. You want wood that is clean, not muddy, and cut to the same lengths.

Firewood typically will reach its driest state after about 9 months, or more importantly, one summer. The heat, wind, and lack of precipitation are what dry the wood. After a summer, the wood will reach a moisture content of about <20 %.

Our delivery trucks keep orders separated to insure customers receives the correct volume of firewood.

We provide oak, cherry, and hickory which is used to cook delicious pizzas, breads, ribs, chops, burgers, and fish.

Many crooked firewood dealers will take advantage of unsuspecting customers by delivering less wood then was paid for. You can save yourself $$$ if you pay attention.

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